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Come noto, per convenzione, da qualche anno l’industria discografica ha fissato il venerdì come giorno designato alla pubblicazione delle nuove uscite.

Ecco, dunque, le novità su vinile di venerdì 10 aprile 2020, selezionate per voi dalla redazione di Vinyl. Buona caccia e buon ascolto…

2 Mello – Memories Of Tokyo-To [Ship To Shore]
3Phaz – Three Phase [100Copies]
Acid Mothers Temple – Reverse Of Rebirth Reprise [Nod And Smile Records]
Adam Franklin – Drones & Clones: 10 Songs No Words [Glass Modern]
African Connection – Queens & Kings [Sounds Subterrania]
All The Bright Lights – All The Bright Lights [Old Bear Rec Reissue]
Almanac – Rush Of Death [Massacre]
Amina Figarova – Persistence [Amfi Records]
Amos – Imperator Of Pop [Sounds Subterrania]
Amy Birks – All That I Am & All That I Was [Ms Amy Birks]
Animen – Same Sun/Different Light [Two Gentlemen]
Apokryphon – Subterra [Avantgarde Music]
Archie Shepp – Tradition [Alternative Fox]
Architects – Here & Now [Dead Serious]
Ásgeir – Afterglow [One Little Indian Us]
Askvader – Askvader [Sign Records]
Aslaug – Aslaug [V2 Records Benelux]
Ataraxie – Resignes [Xenokorp]
Ayreon – Electric Castle Live And Other Tales [Music Theories]
Bad Spell – Don’t Go Out Tonight [Midnight Cruiser Records]
Badd Kharma – On Fire [Rock Of Angels]
Banco De Gaia – 9Th Of Nine Hearts [Disco Gecko Recordings]
Band À Part – Templos Y Neones [Elefant Spain]
Basil Kirchin – Everyday Madness [Trunk]
Bathtubs Over Broadway / O.S.T. – Bathtubs Over Broadway [Mondo]
Batu & Lurka – Curved / Bambounou Remix [Fringe White]
Beat City Tubeworks – I Just Cannot Believe It’s The Incredible… [Sign Records]
Beat City Tubeworks – Top Rock [Sign Records]
Becker & Mukai – Time Very Near [Sas Recordings]
Beggar – Compelled To Repeat [Apf Records]
Behexen – Rituale Satanum [Debemur Morti Productions]
Behexen – Nightside Emanations [Debemur Morti Productions]
Behexen – My Soul For His Glory [Debemur Morti Productions]
Behexen – The Poisonous Path [Debemur Morti Productions]
Benighted – Obscene Repressed [Season Of Mist]
Bibi Ahmed – Adghah [Sounds Subterrania]
Black Bone Nation – Born To Rock [Painted Bass Records]
Black Mercy – For The Man That Has Everything Ep [Insect Records]
Black Snake Moan – Phantasmagoria [Teen Sound]
Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues / She Belongs To Me [Sony Japan]
Bradipos Iv – Surf Session [Teen Sound]
Brant Bjork And The Bros – Punk Rock Guilt [Heavy Psych Sounds]
Brant Bjork And The Bros – Gods & Goddesses [Heavy Psych Sounds]
Brian Tyler – Rambo: Last Blood [Enjoy The Ride]
Broken Bones – Dem Bones [Jungle Records]
Bruxa Maria – The Maddening [Hominid Sounds]
Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal [Sin / Mfn]
Bushwacka! – All Night In Heaven [Plank]
Buttertones – Jazzhound [Innovative Leisure]
Calligram – The Eye Is The First Circle [Prosthetic]
Callisto – Guidance Is Internal: Part 1 [Guidance]
Camarao Orkestra – Nacao Africa [Favorite Recordings]
Candra Darusman – Detik Waktu: Artistic Journey Of Candra Darusman [Hitman Manis]
Carly Paradis – Nothing Is Something [Muted Piano]
Casual Nun – Resort For Dead Desires [Hominid Sounds]
Catholic Action – Celebrated By Strangers [Modern Sky]
Cb3 – Aeons [Sign Records]
Charger – Watch Your Back/Stay Down [Pirates Press Records]
Charmpit – Cause A Stir [Specialist Subject]
Chrome Castle – S/T [Midnight Cruiser Records]
Cigarettes After Sex – Cry Deluxe [Partisan Records]
Circle Of Salt – Suffer The Cold [Avantgarde Music]
Cj Ramone – American Beauty [Pirates Press Record]
Cj Ramone – Last Chance To Dance [Pirates Press Record]
Clientelle – Destination Unknown [On The Dole Records]
Cold Meat – Hot And Flustered [Static Shock Records]
Collocutor – Black Satin [On The Corner]
Compound X – Orderan Born [Distopic Utopia]
Conclave – Sunny [Most Excellent Unltd]
Crazy Baldhead – Go Oasis [Badasonic Records]
Cremation Lily – The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People [Alter]
Crisman – Crisman [Topshelf Records]
D-Styles – Noises In The Right Order [Beat Junkie Sound]
Dadub – A Sun Called Moon [Ohm Resistance]
Dae Han – Blue [Aloha Got Soul]
Dame Area – La Soluzione E Una [B.f.e. Records]
Damir Imamovic – Singer Of Tales [Wrasse Import]
Dan Melchior Band – Outside In [Midnight Cruiser Records]
Daniel Mccagh – Altered States [N5Md]
Dead Man’s Chest – Dear God [Upstate Records]
Death Of Kings – Hell Comes To Life [Boris Records]
Death The Leveller – Ii [Cruz Del Sur Music]
Demian Licht / Enyang Ha – Visitant001 [Visitant]
Dennis Herrold – The Mystery Of Dennis Herrold [Bear Family Records]
Dens – Taming Tongues [Facedown]
Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – Self Titled Aka D.r.u.g.s [Enjoy The Ride]
Devonte Hynes – Queen & Slim [Domino]
Dexter Gordon – A Swingin’ Affair [Blue Note]
Dillon & Batsauce – Self Medicated [Full Plate]
Dj Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – Parents Just Don’t Understand 12 Single [Enjoy The Ride]
Don Cherry – Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting December [Alternative Fox]
Dool – Summerland [Prophecy]
Doriand – Portraits [Kwaidan]
Dreadzone – Once Upon A Time [Dubwiser Records]
Dream Boogie – Sorry To Disappoint All Music Lovers [Sounds Subterrania]
Drowns – Under Tension [Pirates Press Record]
Eddie & The Hot Rods – Get Your Rocks Off [Jungle Records]
Elly Ney – Beethoven Piano Sonatas Nos. 8, 14, 23, 31 [Analogphonic]
Ennio Morricone – Four Flies On Grey Velvet [Death Waltz]
Eric Dolphy – The Complete Uppsala Concert Vol. 2 [Naked Lunch]
Erik Nervous & Beta Blockers – Erik Nervous And The Beta Blockers [Drunken Sailor Recs]
Es – Less Of Everything [Upset The Rhythm]
Euros Childs – Gingerbread House Explosion [National Elf]
Existenz – Meltdown [Heptown Records]
Fabrikate – Made Me Feel [Kookoo]
Factor Chandelier – First Storm [Fake Four Inc]
Fatal Figures – X Minus One [Big Neck Records]
Femme – Ruderal Exotique [Bruit Direct Disques]
Flat Worms – Antarctica [God]
Fleshcrawl – Into The Catacombs Of Flesh [Apostasy Records]
Freaked / O.S.T. – Freaked [Death Waltz]
Freddy Fischer & His Cos – Dreimal Um Die Sonne [Sounds Subterrania]
Freddy Fischer & His Cosmic Rocktime Band – Schuhe Raus Und Tanzen Gehen [Sounds Subterrania]
Fujita – Iki [Hallow Ground]
Galileo 7 – Are We Having Fun Yet? [Teen Sound]
Gaytheist – How Long Have I Been On Fire? [Hex Records]
Gentle Giant – Octopus [Alucard Records]
Gentle Giant – Acquiring The Taste [Alucard Records]
Gentle Giant – Gentle Giant [Alucard Records]
Gentle Giant – Three Friends [Alucard Records]
Geraint Watkins & The Dominators – Geraint Watkins & The Dominators [Jungle Records]
Gewalt – Limiter / Verheimlichung [Sounds Subterrania]
Gladiators – Serious Thing [Omnivore Recordings]
Great White – Recover [Deadline Music]
Grey Goose – Til The Medicine Takes [Sounds Subterrania]
Guilherme Coutinho – Guilherme Coutinho E O Grupo Stalo [Mad About Records]
Harold Johnson – House On Elm Street [Survival Research]
Haunting – Sealed Shut [Boris Records]
Heathen Foray – Weltenwandel [Massacre]
Hellgoat – Death Conquers All [Boris Records]
Hellgoat – Blasphemy From Serpent Tongues [Boris Records]
Hinds – Prettiest Curse [Lucky Number]
Holiday Fun Club – Holiday Fun Club [Sounds Subterrania]
Hollow Ship – Future Remains [Pnkslm Recordings]
Howl The Good – Howl The Good [Survival Research]
Human Abfall – Form Und Zweck [Sounds Subterrania]
Idles – A Beautiful Thing: Idles Live At Le Bataclan [Partisan Records]
Ilaria Graziano – From Bedlam To Lenane [Crytmo]
Indian Queens – God Is A Woman [Cool Thing]
Isaac Aesili – Hidden Truths [Bastard Jazz Rec]
Jackie Lynn – Jacqueline [Drag City]
Jackie Mclean – A Fickle Sonance [Blue Note]
James Alexander Bright – Headroom [K7]
Jane & Magik Bananas – Inscrutable Intentions [Unrock]
Jason Lee Mckinney – Pieces [Bonfire Recording Co]
Jasper St. Co. – Paradise [Nervous]
Jazz Sabbath – Jazz Sabbath [Blacklake]
Jeff Danna / Mychael Danna – The Addams Family [Enjoy The Ride]
Jesse Daniel – Rollin’ On [Jesse Daniel]
Joe Satriani – Shapeshifting [Legacy Recordings]
Johann Johannsson – Last And First Men [Deutsche Grammophon]
Johanna Warren – Gemini I & II [Wax Nine Records]
John Anderson – Years [Bmg Rights Management (Us) Llc]
John Cassavetes Shadows / O.S.T. – John Cassavetes Shadows [Alternative Fox]
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat – Stockholm 1973 [Purple Pyramid]
John Paul – Subjects [Environmental Studie]
Johnny Gandelsman – Js Bach: Complete Cello Suites [In A Circle Records]
Jrmmt – Palimpsest [Anyines]
Junglelyd – Dia De Muertos [Sounds Subterrania]
Kaffe Matthews – Foreigner [Objects Limited]
Kahi El’zabar And David Murray – Kahil El’zabar’s Spirit Groove Ft. David Murray [Spiritmuse Records]
Kaleb Stewart – Tropical Depression [Sounds Subterrania]
Karen Dalton – The Karen Dalton Archives Box [Megaphone]
Killing Joke – The Unperverted Pantomim [Cadiz Music]
Kleerup – 2 [U Ok? Records]
Komorebi – Rebirth [Chicken Ranch Records]
Konstantin Raudive – The Voices Of The Dead [Sub Rosa]
Kool Keith / Thetan – Space Goretex [Anti-Corp]
L. Melnyk – The Lund – St. Petri Symphony [Sounds Subterrania]
L. Melnyk – The Song Of Galadriel [Sounds Subterrania]
Landon Podbielski – Kingsway: Original Video Game Soundtrack [Ship To Shore]
Lee Morgan – The Rumproller [Blue Note]
Leo Abrahams / Shahzad Ismaily – Visitations [Figureight]
Like Rats – Death Monolith [Hibernation Release]
Lit – A Place In The Sun [Sony Legacy]
Loopdropkid Y Las Maquinas – Drumming For You [Drop4]
Loose Fit – Loose Fit [Fat Cat Uk]
Loveblind – Sleeping Visions [Saint Marie]
Luca T Mai – Heavenly Guide [Trost]
Lucifer Star Machine – Devil’s Breath [Sign Records]
Macbeth – Gedankenwachter [Massacre Poland]
Maggi Payne – Ahh-Ahh [Aguirre Records]
Maggi Payne – Arctic Winds [Aguirre Records]
Malia – Garden Of Eve [Mps]
Mall Grab – Sunflower [Looking For Trouble]
Märvel – Marvellous [Sign Records]
Mary Lambert – Grief Creature [Tender Heart Records]
Massicot – Kratt [Bongo Joe]
Merzbow Kaoru Sato – Kyoto [Slowdown Records]
Metal Church – From The Vault [Rat Pak Records]
Mitsuyoshi Azuma / Swinging Boppers – Seven & Bi-Decade: The Great Victor Masters 2003-2006
(2xLP) [Toyokasei]
Mo Lowda & The Humble Ready Coat [Workaround Records]
Mods – I Give You An Inch [Misty Lane]
Molly – All That Was [Sonic Cathedral]
Moloken – Unveilance Of Dark Matter [Sign Records]
Mooon – Safari [Bickerton]
Morbid Slaughter – Wicca [Boris Records]
Morbid Slaughter – A Filthy Orgy Of Horror And Death [Boris Records]
Morbosidad – Muerte De Cristo En Gólgota [Boris Records]
Mute Forest – Riderstorm [Lost Tribe Sound]
Muthspiel / Colley / Blade – Angular Blues [Ecm]
Myth Of I – Myth Of I [The Artisan Era]
Narrow Minded X Throneburner – Split [Blackhouse]
Natalie Greffel – Para Todos [Agogo]
Neba Solo – Can 2002 [Secousse]
Newbody – Moi Honey [Nervous]
Night – Feeling It Everywhere [The Sign Records]
Nightwish – Human. :Ii: Nature. [Nuclear Blast Americ]
Nurse With Wound – Rock N Roll Station [Abstrakce Records]
Nyrst – Orsök [Karisma]
O Yuki Conjugate – Peyote [B.f.e. Records]
Omen – Battle Cry [High Roller Import]
Oneness Of Juju – African Rhythms [Now Again]
Paul Levinson – Welcome Up [Old Bear Rec Reissue]
Penya – Super Liminal [On The Corner]
Piper – Gentle Breeze [Ship To Shore]
Planet Asia & Milano Constantine – Dj Enyoutee Presents [Air Vinyl]
Pokey Lafarge – Rock Bottom Rhapsody [New West Records]
Prophecy 23 – Fresh Metal [Massacre]
Pure Reason Revolution – Eupnea [Inside Out Germany]
Quelle Chris – Innocent Country [Mello Music Group]
Qwestlife – Prophecy [Glitterbox]
Ranil – Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical [Analog Africa]
Reincarnage – Reap [Apostasy Records]
Richard Marks – Love Is Gone The Lost Sessions [Now Again]
Ricotti & Albuquerque – First Wind [Alternative Fox]
Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti – Entradas E Bandeiras [Survival Research]
Roedelius – Tape Archive Essence [Bureau B]
Roedelius – Selbstportrait Wahre Liebe [Bureau B]
Rotten Mind – Rat City Dog Boy [Lovely Records]
Rotting Out – Ronin [Pure Noise Records]
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Plays The Music Of Rush [Purple Pyramid]
Ruggiero Ricci – The Glory Of Cremona: Ruggiero Ricci Plays 15 Famous Violins [Analogphonic]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Proxima [Sony Masterworks]
Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Staggering Girl [Milan – Frontline Nr]
Sadistic Ritual – Visionaire Of Death [Boris Records]
Sahg – I [Indie Uk]
Saint Alto – Coming / Feel [Static Caravan (Uk)]
Sam Cooke – At The Copa [Abkco]
Savak – Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth [Ernest Jenning Record Co.]
Scarab – Martyrs Of The Storm [Vicisolom Production]
Seazoo – Joy [Big Terry]
Seven Mary Three – American Standard [Wargod]
Sewergrooves – Trouble Station [Sounds Subterrania]
Shafiq Husayn – The Loop [Nature Sounds]
Sicarius – God Of Dead Roots [M-Theory Audio]
Siena Root – The Secret Of Our Time [Made In Germany Musi]
Siena Root – Secret Of Our Time [Made In Germany Musi]
Siglo Xx – Siglo Xx [Onderstroom]
Smoke Fairies – Elevator [Year Seven Records]
Sparta – Trust The River [Dine Alone Music Inc.]
Sponge – Rotting Pinata [Wargod]
Sports Team – Deep Down Happy [Island Uk]
Squarepusher – Lamental Ep [Warp Records]
Ssleeping Desiress – Exile House [Onderstroom]
Steep Canyon Rangers – North Carolina Songbook [Yep Roc Records]
Steep Canyon Rangers & Asheville Symphony – Be Still Moses [Yep Roc Records]
Steppes – Drop Of The Creature [Teen Sound]
Steven Dayvid Mckellar – Ethio [Sonic Ritual Records]
Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb – Fake Nature [Big Neck Records]
Sun Ra – Celestial Love [Modern Harmonic]
Symbolik – Emergence [The Artisan Era]
Taake | Whoredom Rife – Pakt [Van Records]
Tambles – Don’t You Want To Know The Tambles [Bickerton]
The Acacia Strain – It Comes In Waves [Closed Casket Activities]
The Brains – Satana Tarantula [Cleopatra]
The Datsuns – Headstunts [Hellsquad]
The Devonns – Tell Me / Tell Me [Record Kicks]
The Dream Syndicate – The Universe Inside [Anti]
The Dwarves – How To Win Friends And Influence People [Reptilian]
The Flatliners – Cavalcade Demos [Fat Wreck Chords]
The Fuzztones – Help Murder Police [Teen Sound]
The Group – Esoteric Free Afrika [B.f.e. Records]
The Guess Who – The Best Of The Guess Who [Friday Music]
The Outlaws – Los Angeles 1976 [Purple Pyramid]
The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (55Th Anniversary Edition) [Abkco]
The Stereotypes – Stereotypes [Sounds Subterrania]
The Strokes – The New Abnormal [Rca]
Tito – Quetzalcoatl [Glossy Mistakes]
Tripeo – Green Is The New Red [Bassiani Records]
True Moon – Ii [Lovely Records]
Tunnelvisions – Picture: Tunnelvisions [Diynamic]
Twink – 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box [Misty Lane]
Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry [Mobile Fidelity]
Ultimate Fakebook – The Preserving Machine [Sonic Ritual Records]
Upsetters; Dave Barker & Upsetters – Popcorn / Tight Spot [Harlem Shuffle Recs]
Urs Graf Consort – Uva Ursi [Dead Bison]
Various – Women Of Doom [Blues Funeral Recordings]
Various Artists – The John Hartford Fiddle Tune Project Volume 1 [John Hartford Office]
Various Artists – Chillhop Essentials – Winter 2019 [Chillhop Music]
Various Artists – Back To Mine – Jungle [Back To Mine]
Various Artists – Rocket League X Monstercat: Greatest Hits [Iam8Bit]
Various Artists – African Rare Groove [Wagram]
Various Artists – Oriental Rare Groove [Wagram]
Various Artists – Spiritual Jazz 11: Steeplechase [Jazzman]
Various Artists – Versus II [On The Corner]
Various Artists – Ministry Of Sound: Origins Of Jungle [Ministry Of Sound Uk]
Various Artists – The Essential Gospel Archive 1945-1958 [Naked Lunch]
Various Artists – Giants Of Ghanian Danceband Highlife [Naked Lunch]
Various Artists – Tribute To Keith Emerson & Greg Lake [Purple Pyramid]
Various Artists – Silver Girls & Indian Pipes [Misty Lane]
Various Artists – I’m Burning I’m Burning [Take It Acid Is]
Vasudeva – Generator [Skeletal Lightning]
Vdrlden Brinner – Vi Ager Natten [Vicisolom Production]
Vibravoid – Out Of Tune In Rosenheim Triptamine Vol 5 [Stoned Karma]
Vikingur Olafsson – Debussy – Rameau [Deutsche Grammophon]
Vision / Andreya Triana – Mountains [Defected]
Wall Matthews – Spine River : The Guitar Music Of Wall Matthews, 1967-1981 [Tompkins Square]
Watkins Family Hour – Brother Sister [Family Hour Records]
Wayward Dawn – Haven Of Lies [Target Group / Spv]
Weather Report – Live At Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall Tokyo [Alternative Fox]
Webb Wilder – Night Without Love [Landslide]
Whitesnake – Slide It In [Rhino Records]
Why Bonnie – Voice Box [Fat Possum]
Wolfheart – Wolves Of Karelia [Napalm Records]
Xxxtentacion – Bad Vibes Forever [Bad Vibes Forever]
Zuzu – How It Feels [Universal Uk]