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Come noto, per convenzione, da qualche anno l’industria discografica ha fissato il venerdì come giorno designato alla pubblicazione delle nuove uscite.

Ecco, dunque, le novità su vinile di venerdì 24 aprile 2020, selezionate per voi dalla redazione di Vinyl. Buona caccia e buon ascolto…

070 – Shake Modus Vivendi (2xLP) [Good Music]
2Cellos – Let There Be Cello [Music On Vinyl]
999 – Bish! Bash! Bosh! [Cleopatra]
Adam Taylor – Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: [Waxwork Records]
Airbourne – No Guts. No Glory. [Nettwerk Records]
Ak’chamel Giver Of Illness – The Totemist [Akuphone]
Alexisonfire – Season Of The Flood [Dine Alone Music Inc.]
Andre Canniere – Ghost Days [Whirlwind Recordings]
Aoife O’donovan – Bull Frogs Croon [Yep Roc Records]
Apokalyptic Raids – The Pentagram [Mri]
Ariel Pink – The Doldrums [Mexican Summer]
Ariel Pink – House Arrest [Mexican Summer]
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Worn Copy [Mexican Summer]
Arterials – The Spaces In Between [Gunner Records]
Aru Takamura – Aru First [Hmv Record Shop]
Astral Travel – If You Say You Are From This Planet, Why Do You Treat It Like You Do [Hyperjazz Records]
Attrix – Lost Lenore / Hard Times [Munster Records]
Awolnation – Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders [Better Noise Music]
Bad History Month – Old Blues [Exploding In Sound]
Barely Civil – We Can Live Here Forever [Take This To Heart]
Bc Camplight – Shortly After Takeoff [Bella Union]
Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos [Room40]
Bernard Herrmann – Taxi Driver / O.S.T. [Waxwork Records]
Billy Ray De La Haye – Beverly Hills [Eudemonia]
Black Death – Until We Rock: The Lost Recordings [Wyrd War]
Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling [London Records]
Blancmange – Blind Vision [London Records]
Blind Willie Mctell – Kill It, Kid – The Essential Collection [Goldenlane]
Bombs Of Hades – Phantom Bell [Black Lodge Records]
Bonfire – Fistful Of Fire [Afm Records]
Bonne Nouvelle – The Ochre World [Ernest Jenning Record Co.]
Brendan Benson – Dear Life [Third Man Records]
Bushwacka! – All Night In Heaven [Plank]
Carlos Viola – Blasphemous [Limited Run Games]
Cassowary – Cassowary [Fat Possum]
Chaino & African Percussion Safari – Jungle Echoes [Fantome Phonographiq]
Chatham County Line – Strange Fascination [Yep Roc Records]
Chillamundo – Paper Airplane [Singing Hearts Arts]
Chris Renzema – Let The Ground Rest [Centricity Music]
Cirith Ungol – Forever Black [Metal Blade]
Cloven Hoof – Age Of Steel [Pure Steel]
Collision – Final Kill [Hammerheart America]
Corcs Drum & Organ – Una Altra Excepcio [Adarce Records]
Craft – Craft [Hammerheart Records]
Cyn – Mood Swing [Unsub Records]
Danzig – Sings Elvis [Cleopatra]
Darius – Voir [Hummus Records]
Dark Forest – Oak, Ash & Thorns [Cruz Del Sur]
Dead Ghosts – Automatic Changer [Burger Records]
Deadborn – Dogma Anti God [Apostasy Records]
Deceased – Luck Of The Corpse [Hell’s Headbangers]
Dictator Ship – Your Favorites [The Sign Records]
Die Angel – Utopien I [Karlrecords]
Dip In The Pool – Retinae [Warner Music Japan]
Dip In The Pool – Aurorae [Warner Music Japan]
Disembowelment – Dusk & Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate [Relapse]
Disembowelment – Transcendence Into The Peripheral [Relapse]
Dj Dsk / Matman / Dj Koncept / Menace – Style Protector [Dinked Records]
Doja Cat – Hot Pink [Ministry Of Sound Uk]
Dominique Grimaud – 19 Feedbacks [Discrepant]
Double Experience – Alignments [Drakkar]
Dr. Lonnie Smith – All In My Mind (Blue Note Tone Poet Series) [Blue Note]
Drowns – Under Tension [Pirates Press Record]
Duke Ellington – Money Jungle (Blue Note Tone Poet Series) [Blue Note]
Dwarfs Of East Agouza – The Green Dogs Of Dahshur [Akuphone]
Dynazty – The Dark Delight [Afm Records]
Elixir – Voyage Of The Eagle [Back On Black]
Elly Ney – Beethoven Piano Sonatas Nos. 8, 14, 23, 31 [Analogphonic]
Ewa Justka – Upside Down Smile [Editions Mego]
Ezra Furman – Sex Education [Bella Union]
Fabrikate – Made Me Feel [Kookoo]
Finlay Shakespeare – Solemnities [Editions Mego]
Fra Fra – Funeral Songs [Glitterbeat]
Freddy And The Phantoms – A Universe From Nothing [Target Group / Spv]
Future Teens – Hard Feelings [Take This To Heart]
Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Bishoune: Alma Del Huila Instrumentals [Gabriel Garzon-Monta]
Gareth Coker – Ori & The Blind Forest [Iam8Bit]
Gay Intruders – In The Race / It’s Not Today [Munster Records]
Gentle Giant – Octopus [Alucard Records]
Gentle Giant – Three Friends [Alucard Records]
Ginji Ito – Deadly Drive [Warner Music Japan]
Hante. – Fierce: Remixes And More [Metropolis Records]
Hazel English – Wake Up! [Polyvinyl]
Heathen Foray – Weltenwandel [Massacre Poland]
Hellhammer – Apocalyptic Raids [Noise Records]
Henk Badings / Dick Raaijmakers – Evolutions, Contrasts & Electronic Music [Fantome Phonographiq]
Henrik Jensen / Followed By Thirteen – Affinity [Babel]
Heptones – Back On Top [Burning Sounds]
High Priestess – Casting The Circle [Ripple Music]
Him Lo (Of Da Buze Bruvaz) – Slapyagoddamfaceoff [Grilchy Party]
Hiromasa Suzuki – High Flying [Nippon Columbia]
Horomasa Suzuki / Jiro Inagaki / Big Soul Media – By The Red Stream [Nippon Columbia]
Hot Knife – Dread [Gunner Records]
Inner Life – Inner Life [Salsoul]
Jagatara – Hadaka No Ousama [Great Tracks]
Jagatara – Nanban Torai [Great Tracks]
Jazz Sabbath – Jazz Sabbath [Blacklake]
Jessica Curry – Dear Esther: Original Soundtrack [Black Screen Records]
Jg Thirlwell & Simon Steensland – Oscillospira [Ipecac Recordings]
Jim Sullivan – Ufo [Light In The Attic]
Joe Lynn Turner – The Sessions [Deadline Music]
Joe Volk & Naiare – Primitive Energetics [Glitterhouse]
Joel Plaskett – 44 [Pheromone]
John Calvin Abney – Coyote [Black Mesa Records]
John Carroll Kirby – My Garden [Stones Throw]
Johnny Tramuntana – Fou D’amour [Staubgold Germany]
Jon Mckiel – Bobby Joe Hope [You’ve Changed Records]
Katatonia – City Burials [Snapper Music Ltd]
Kim Fowley – Living In The Streets [Munster Records]
King Diamond – Abigail [Metal Blade Records]
King Diamond – Fatal Portait [Metal Blade Records]
King Dude – Sex [Van Records]
King Dude – Full Virgo Moon [Van Records]
Klo Pelgag – Notre-Dame-Des-Sept-Douleurs [Secret City Records]
Ko Shin Moon – Leila Nova [Akuphone]
Kool Keith – Saks 5Th Ave. [Volunteer Media]
Kull – Exile [Black Lion Records]
Lee Morgan – The Cooker (Blue Note Tone Poet Series) [Blue Note]
Leo Sayer – Here [Demon Records Uk]
Leo Sayer – World Radio [Demon Records Uk]
Leo Sayer – Have You Ever Been In Love [Demon Records Uk]
Leo Sayer – Living In A Fantasy [Demon Records Uk]
Lido Pimienta – Miss Colombia [Anti]
Lightning Bug – October Song [Fat Possum]
Lilith – Safer Off [Take This To Heart]
Liun & The Science Fiction Band – Time Rewind [Yellowbird]
Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer / O.S.T. – Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer [Beat]
Logan And Nathan – Happening [Fallen Tree Records]
Lolita – Golden Hits [Zyx Records]
Lonnie Smith Liston & The Cosmic Echoes – Expansions [Beat Goes Public Bgp]
Loopdropkid Y Las Maquinas – Drumming For You [Drop4]
Lorenzo Senni – Scacco Matto [Warp Records]
Lou Courtney / Lee Dorsey – Trying To Find My Woman / Give It Up [Deptford Northern Soul Club]
Loveblind – Sleeping Visions [Saint Marie]
Lucinda Williams – Good Souls Better Angels [Highway 20 Records]
Lumines Remastered / O.S.T. – Lumines Remastered [Limited Run Games]
Lustre – Ashes Of Light [Nordvis]
M. Porter Lockwood – Communion In The Ashes [Black Mesa Records]
Makoto Terashita – Great Harvest [Teichiku Ent]
Mani Neumeier – Talking Guru Drums [Purple Pyramid]
Martinelli – 12″ Collector’s Vinyl Box: Italo Disco [Zyx Records]
Matthew Sweet – Under The Covers Vol 2 [Demon Records Uk]
Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas [Deathlike Silence]
Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell [Sony Legacy]
Mekong Delta – Tales Of A Future Past [Butler Records]
Menswear – Nuisance: 25Th Anniversary [Demon / Edsel]
Michael Chapman – Americana [Secret Records]
Mickey Ratt – Ratt Era – The Best Of [Deadline Music]
Million Image Orchestra – Nekkyou No Tanjo [Grand Gallery]
Momoko Kikuchi – Adventure [Ship To Shore]
Monocled Man – Bernabe Jurado [Whirlwind Recordings]
Mophono / Tenshun / Heavy Twelves – Ctb Vol. 3 Goons [Cb Records]
Motohiko Hino – First Album [Nippon Columbia]
Nanaco – Kissing Fish [Nippon Columbia]
Nanako Sato – Funny Walkin’ [Nippon Columbia]
Nekrovault – Totenzug: Festering Peregrination [Van Records]
Nobuyuki Shimizu – Corner Top [Bill Box]
Norma Macdonald – Old Future [Noyes Records]
Om Kalsoum – Ya Habiby [Fantome Phonographiq]
On Sight – Cause Of Pain [Unbeaten Records]
Orange Pekoe – Best Album: Sun & Moon [Great Tracks]
Other Lives – For Their Love [Ato Records]
Paradise Phantoms – Mirage [The Sleepers Recordz]
Patrick Shirioshi – Descension [Thin Wrist]
Pau Riba – Ars Erotica [Munster Records]
Pecker – Instant Rasta + Featuring Minako Yoshida [Nippon Columbia]
Peter Brotzmann – 14 Love Poems [Cien Fuegos]
Phantom Posse – Forever Underground [Orchid Tapes]
Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding [Republic]
Primo – Sogni [Upset The Rhythm]
Project Paradis – Paradis 2 Deluxe [Mad Decent]
Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – Innocent Country 2 [Mello Music Group]
Qwestlife – Prophecy [Glitterbox]
Rachid Taha – Rock N Rai [Universal France]
Rain Sultanov – Influence [Ozella]
Rdnk – Ep: 2 [Diynamic]
Rina Sawayama – Sawayama [Dirty Hit]
Road Warrior – Mach II [Gates Of Hell]
Robert Calvert – Aerospaceage Inferno Live ’86 [Purple Pyramid]
Roc Marciano – Pimpstrumentals [Marci Enterprises]
Roza Eskenazi – Rembetissa [Fantome Phonographiq]
Ruggiero Ricci – The Glory Of Cremona: Ruggiero Ricci Plays 15 Famous Violins [Analogphonic]
Sammy – Salute To Soul [Nippon Columbia]
Scarlet Rivera – All Of Me [Bright Sun Records]
Scruffs – Teenage Tragedies [Mono-Tone Records]
Scumripper – All Veins Blazing [Hell’s Headbangers]
Sebastien Tellier – Domesticated [Record Makers]
Silvery Boys – The Silvery Boys [Vampisoul]
Skunk Anansie – This Means War/What You Do For Love [100% Records]
Sky Valley Mistress – Faithless Rituals [New Heavy Sounds]
Slaughtbbath – Alchemical Warfare [Hell’s Headbangers]
Snog – Lullabies For The Lithium Age [Metropolis Records]
Solicitor – Spectral Devastation [Gates Of Hell]
Solos – Solos [Dowd Records]
Sonikku – Joyful Death [Bella Union]
Sophie Tassignon – Mysteries Unfold [Rarenoise Records]
Speed Glue & Shinki – Speed Glue & Shinki [Warner Music Japan]
Stonewall Noise Orchestra – Deathtripper [Transubstans Sweden]
Subliminal Calm – Subliminal Calm [Hmv Record Shop]
Sweet Crude – Officiel//Artificiel [Verve Forecast]
Sweven – The Eternal Resonance [Van Records]
T-Groove – Move Your Body [Hmv Record Shop]
Takao Uematsu – Straight A Head [Solid Records]
Takeo Moriyama – Smile [Nippon Columbia]
The Aragon Project – Aragon [Hmv Record Shop]
The Grid – Decomposing Force [Nna Tapes]
The Ocean Blue – Beneath The Rhythm & Sound [Korda Records]
The Polecats – The Very Best Of [Cleopatra]
The Radiators – Ghostown: 40Th Anniversary [Chiswick]
The Sleep Eazys – Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell [J&R Adventures]
The Sonics – Boom [Big Beat Uk]
The Used – Heartwork [Big Noise Music Group]
The Wizar’d – Subterranean Exile [Cruz Del Sur]
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orgchestra – Fantasia [Great Tracks]
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orgchestra – World Famous [Great Tracks]
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orgchestra – Pioneers [Great Tracks]
Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music [Moonbeam Music]
Tom Misch / Yussef Dayes – What Kinda Music [Moonbeam Music]
Tony Kofi – Another Kind Of Soul [Last Music Company]
Toshiyuki Miyama / Newhard – Nio & Pigeon [Nippon Columbia]
Total Fucking Destruction – …To Be Alive At The End Of The World [Translation Loss]
Toucan Sounds – Compilation Volume One [Toucan Sounds]
Toxic Holocaust – Primal Future:2019 [Metal / Entertainment One]
Traveler – Termination Shock [Gates Of Hell]
Trivium – What The Dead Men Say [Roadrunner Records]
Unified Highway – Headlines [Easy Star]
Unmerciful – Wrath Encompassed [Willowtip]
Uriah Heep – Acoustically Driven [Rock Classics]
Uriah Heep – Magic Night [Rock Classics]
Uriah Heep – Magicians Birthday Party [Rock Classics]
Various Artists – Whiskey Preachin Volume 1 [Whiskey Preachin Rec]
Various Artists – Now Country – Songs Of Inspiration [Now]
Various Artists – Penguin Cafe Orchestra-Tribute- [Hmv Record Shop]
Various Artists – Electronic Mutations From Beyond [Defective Records]
Various Artists – Many Faces Of David Bowie [Music Brokers Arg]
Various Artists – Many Faces Of The Beach Boys [Music Brokers Arg]
Various Artists – Sayonara Wild Hearts [Iam8Bit]
Various Artists – Trashcan Records Volume 5: Cha Cha Bop [Stag-O-Lee]
Various Artists – Trashcan Records Volume 6: Natives Are Restless [Stag-O-Lee]
Vision / Andreya Triana – Mountains [Defected]
Viviankrist – Cross Modulation Bootleg Remixes [Ritual Productions]
Vivien Goldman – Launderette [Staubgold Germany]
Vomitor – Devils Poison [Hell’s Headbangers]
Vomiturition – Leftover [Hammerheart America]
Warbringer – Weapons Of Tomorrow [Napalm Records]
Welicoruss – Siberian Heathen Horde [El Puerto]
Werewolves – The Dead Are Screaming [Prosthetic]
Whim – Abuzz In The Abyss [Fluff & Gravy Record]
Whitney Rose – We Still Go To Rodeos [Mcg Recordings]
Whoarei – Love Spectrum [Timetable Records]
Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet – When Angels Fall [Whirlwind Recordings]
Wonder City Orchestra – Information [Japan Record]
Yasuaki Shimizu – Dementos [Hmv Record Shop]
Yuki Okazaki – So Many Friends [Warner Music Japan]
Zeroh – Blqlyte [Leaving Records]
Zulu Men – Don’t Give Up / Sweet Touch Of Love [Vinilos Enlace Funk]